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How to Get Max Security Level in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (All Security Badges Locations)

This page serves as a guide on where to find all security badges in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. Please keep in mind that 6 of them are unmissable, and must be collected to complete the game. None of them are missable, and the other 2 can be obtained at any time during your playthrough, as long as you have progressed far enough.

This also serves as a trophy guide for “ SECURITY BREACHED”.

Security Badge #1:
Unmissable. Obtained on the desk in the Daycare, just before the lights go out at 12:55am.

Security Badge #2:
Unmissable. Obtained in the Loading Docks at 1am. After collecting it you start the pizza making minigame in the kitchen.

Security Badge #3:
Unmissable. Early during 2am you’ll be playing through a little minigame where you have to keep Roxy and Monty out of the security office, until Freddy arrives at the vent to catch Gregory.

Security Badge #4:
Unmissable. After 3am hits you’ll be forced to go through a maze with Exoskeletons. At the end of the maze is a security office with the 4th badge in it.

Visual guide:

Note: You do not need to go all the way back anymore after collecting the badge. You can now exit through the shutter next to the security office.

Security Badge #5:
Unmissable. From the El Chip’s gate on the 3rd floor you can access the Super Star-Cade. At the end of the arcade is a security office. After picking up the security badge you play a little minigame to survive for 3 minutes against Roxy and Monty.

Security Badge #6:
Unmissable.* If you used your Party Pass on Fazer Blast, a security office can be found on the left shortly after the elevator.

Security Badge #7:
Unmissable.* If you used your Party Pass on Monty’s Gator Golf, the security office can be found all the way in the back, connected to “Monty’s Gator Grub”. Once inside, turn right to find a dimly lit hallway with a save station. Take the door before the save station to find the office.

*Only 1 party pass can be obtained before 6am, meaning that you have to choose either Monty or Chica’s route before then.

Security Badge #8:
Found in the security office in Fazcade/West Arcade (when the lights go out). Although it doesn’t look like a security office, it’s on the left of the red bag on the floor.

Although there are several level 10 security doors in the game, they cannot be entered yet. It’s likely Steel Wool had more planned, but didn’t get it out in time. We’ll likely get access to these later as DLC.

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