This article serves as a guide on where to find every lost Waddle Dee and how to complete every mission objective in the “A Trip to Alivel Mall” level in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This level has no Ability Blueprint to collect.
All collectibles are listed in order.

  • Eat 4 Doughnuts
  • Eat an Invincible Candy
  • Navigate the mall without getting lost

Capsule + Doughnut #1: Walk until you reach a construction section. Destroy the blocks on the lower half to find a capsule behind them. Destroy the boxes on the upper side to reveal a table with a doughnut on it.

Eat an Invincible Candy: Right after, jump over the traffic fence to collect an invincibility candy. These make you temporarily undefeatable.

Waddle Dee #1: Instantly after the invincibility candy is a straight path. Get rid of the bomb wall on your left to reveal a ladder. Head up and fly to the other side to locate a Waddle Dee in the bottom right corner.

Waddle Dee #2: In the next room there is a storage cupboard. Use mouthful mode on it and tilt it back. Behind it is a sign telling the player to take the Hamburger path, so go there. In the middle of the hamburger room is a Waddle Dee in a chest.

Capsule: Shortly after the Frosty mini-boss you reach a section where boxes are dragged down by a conveyor. The 4th and final box includes a capsule.

Doughnut #2: Right after is a section with 4 conveyors. In the bottom right corner is a shiny spot. Walk over it to reveal the 2nd doughnut.

Waddle Dee #3: In the same section there are some burning pieces of wood you can extinguish using the ice ability (received from Frosty). Press the switch above to free a caged Waddle Dee that will fly back and forth.

In the plaza section there is another cupboard on the right. Tilt it over to reveal the correct path: Strawberry cake. That’s the one in the top left.

Capsule: Continue heading right to find another cupboard you can tilt over. Behind it is a room with a capsule in the bottom right corner.

Waddle Dee #3: After entering the “cake with strawberry” room there are 3 chests on a podium. Waddle Dee is in the middle chest.

Doughnut #3: In that same room there is a table with a shining plate. Walk over it to reveal a doughnut on the other table. Logical, I know!

Doughnut #4: At the end of the level, on the top terrace. Take the ladder to get there.

Navigate the mall without getting lost: This mission requires you to pick the correct paths in both “maze” sections. The process is described above, but the correct paths are Hamburger & Cake with Strawberry.

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