This article serves as a guide on where to find every lost Waddle Dee and how to complete every mission objective in the “Abandoned Beach” level in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This level has no Ability Blueprint to collect.
All collectibles are listed in order.

  • Crack open 3 Knock-Knock Nuts
  • Destroy the animal sand sculpture
  • Complete the sign on the rooftop

Nut #1: At the start of the level, near some crates. Hit it a few times to bust it open.

Nut #2 + Capsule: On the island with the warp star in front of a tree. The capsule is on the right of the island next to some rocks.

Waddle Dee #1: After the Bonkers miniboss, climb the ladder in the back and hit the pin on top to reveal a Waddle Dee.

Destroy the animal sand sculpture: Right from the door of this area is a sand sculpture of a wolf. Destroy it for this mission.

Waddle Dee #2: In the whirlpool section, note a sleeping enemy on some rocks. Go up there and hammer the pin to reveal a secret room. In this room you race against the clock to save a Waddle Dee. If you fail, simply reset the room.

Capsule: On top of a very obvious ladder as you progress.

Complete the sign on the rooftop: In the next section, take the Ring Mouth in the back. After absorbing it fill in the empty spot in the logo.

Waddle Dee #3: At the crossroad, go down and spin the fan to reveal a boat. Take it to the cracked wall in the back and boost through it to locate the final Waddle Dee.

Nut #3: Right of the goal you can find the last nut. Use the boat to boost through it.

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