This is a guide showing the locations of all 35 Fairies in Nobody Saves the World for PC and Xbox Series X. Finding them rewards the player with mana, and finding all 35 unlocks an achievement/trophy.

I included screenshots and a map location for every single one of the fairies.

Overworld map:

Underground map:

If you prefer a visual guide, refer to this video:

Fairy #1: Left of the starting area. Practically unmissable, and serves as an introduction to fairies.

Fairy #2: On the left of the Round Tables house. Use a form that can traverse over water (Turtle, Mermaid, Ghost, Dragon) to reach it.

Fairy #3: At the top right of the castle there is a cave. Head inside and defeat several enemies to lower the gate in front of the treasure chest. Grab the treasure and look behind the chest for a small hole. Use the Rat to head through to find another fairy.

Fairy #4: Inside a small alcove in Wormroot Woods, above the South Sea.

Fairy #5: At the bottom left of the South Sea, right before the path that takes you to the starting village.

Fairy #6: At the bottom right of the South Sea there is a small path covered by some trees. Go underneath the trees past a cascade to locate the fairy.

Fairy #7: Locate the Dead End’s Cemetery on the far right of the map. Beyond the various tombstones there is a fairy. Not the type of place where you’d expect a fairy, huh?

Fairy #8: Underneath the Wizard League, at the bottom of the map (and also left of where Fairy #6 was hiding), there is a path from the village through the water leading to another fairy.

Fairy #9: In that same area, straight underneath the village there is a small island with a fairy on it. Use one of your water forms to reach it.

Fairy #10: Left of the Witch’s Catacombs there is a section with some green pools of water. Head past them and go up to find a fairy behind some trees. Take the small path above with a Rat to reach it.

Fairy #11: Keep going up and then head right to find another fairy. Walk around the trees to reach it.

Fairy #12: At the top right of Wormroot Woods, slightly behind a warping pad.

Fairy #13: Left of the Tower of Atonement there is a small body of water. Take a splash with one of your forms and take the screen to the left to find another fairy.

Fairy #14: Inside Ancestral Forest, locate a cave entrance behind a path of wooden fences. Inside another fairy awaits.

Fairy #15: At the start of the desert area, left of some trapped enemies you’ll spot a fairy on a slope. Walk all the way around to reach it.

Fairy #16: This is a sneaky one. Shortly behind the Ancient Robot there is a cave entrance, leading to nothing but a save spot. Hmm, strange…

However, take note of some stairs in the back of the cave.

Head out and make your way to the back of the cave to spot a hidden entrance!

You’ll be put through a few trials, but at the end of it all the fairy is waiting for you.

Fairy #17: In the very top left corner of the desert, locate an exit leading to Shadowland. Follow the path to find a fairy right in your face.

Fairy #18: Inside a house at the bottom left of the desert, next to the polluted water.

Fairy #19: Go straight down through the polluted waters (a Turtle works just fine) to find a cave at the bottom of the map. Inside is a fairy.

Fairy #20: Inside the house on the left of the Nuclear Power Plant, behind a water container.

Fairy #21: Left of the Sweet Home Dungeon (top right of the map) there is a cave. A fairy is straight behind the entrance.

Fairy #22: Left of Octavia’s lab and the broken warp stone, in an alcove.

Fairy #23: At the top right of that same area, a little above Octavia’s lab.

Fairy #24: In Alchemist’s Gorge – or the swamp for short – on a small island. The gate near it connects to the Wormroot Woods.

Fairy #25: As you enter the jungle you’ll be caged and forced to fight various enemies. After defeating those, turn left to find a pool of water with a dolphin. Also take note of the small opening in the bottom. Use the Turtle to get through and obtain the fairy.

Fairy #26: Slightly above the area where the dolphin was, there is another opening leading to a fairy on another island.

Fairy #27: At the left of the jungle village, next to a blocked off cave. Take the bridges near the Depleted Mine to reach it and smash through the trees in the way.

Fairy #28: On a trail behind the New Crystal Mines, located to the left of the jungle village.

Fairy #29: At the bottom right of the area where the New Crystal Mines are, head through some trees to enter the Deep Jungle.

The Deep Jungle is really just a small maze, also housing the Golden Temple. At the top of the maze – but before the Golden Temple – is a fairy in-between several flowers.

Fairy #30: In the West Meadow Trail (left of the Shadowlands) there is a cave next to the purple water. Head inside to find yourself in the Sewers.

There is a small hole here that can only be entered as a Rat. In fact; if you try to enter as anything else the guard (why does a sewer have a guard?) will deny you access.

In the back of a fairly basic “maze” there is a small room with 2 treasure chests and a fairy.

Fairy #31: At the beginning of the Shadowlands, shortly down from the entrance.

Fairy #32: In the Shadowlands, in a small area behind the Dark Tower dungeon.

Fairy #33: At the utmost top left of the map, inside the Corpse Garden.

Fairy #34: Shortly on the right of the Dark Tower you can find the Gatekeeper’s Ground. There is a small river of red water and a large withered tree. Behind it is a fairy.

Fairy #35: There is a small path right of the Beheaded Behemoth. Follow it to reach a large, open cave.

You’ll find yourself in The Expanse. If you haven’t been here before yet it’ll be pitch black, and the darkness will consume your HP in no time. Hit the green glowing pillars with ranged attacks until they burst and reveal a torch. Only then it’s safe to walk through.

In the bottom left of the cave you can find a fairy.

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