This page serves as a complete guide for all prize boxes and messages in FNAF: Security Breach. Collecting all of them will reward players with the “VERY IMPORTANT PERSON” and “LOST AND FOUND” trophies.

I will not include images for every collectible in this article, as it would become too clumped and unreadable. However, images are included for the collectibles that are either tricky to find or hard to explain.

If you prefer a visual guide instead, refer to this video and use the timestamps in the description:

Table of contents
Main Lobby
Daycare + Theatre
Roxy’s Raceway
Fazer Blast
Monty’s Gator Golf
Bonnie Bowl
Loading Docks
Storage & Backstage
Rockstar Row
Maintenance Tunnels
Parts & Services

Main Lobby (where the exit is located)
・Entry Pass
– Unmissable. Left from the exit on the counter that says “Get a complimentary entry pass!”
Chica Pinata – Right from the exit, behind the very first security office where you obtain the cameras.

Message: Easy Money – Straight ahead of the exit, sitting on the ledge of the fountain.

・Fizzy Faz (Chica) + Message: False Alarm – Slightly right of the fountain, behind you there’s a small office with a prize box and message.
・Mr Hippo Magnet – Unmissable. Obtained automatically through the story but might respawn. Found in the gift shop right above the office to the right of the fountain.
・Chica Name Shirt – Straight ahead of the fountain, behind some construction fences, under a ladder.

・Message: HI DAVE! – Left of the fountain there is a section with colored lockers. The message is at the end on a bench.

・Screwdriver – Unmissable. In the security office where you escaped from Vanny. It’s next to the “Customer Service” counter.

・Cupcake Pinata – In that same office, find a door leading to a section behind a counter. The prize box will be sitting on top of it.
・Glam Chica Plush – Locate the door in the back of the office leading to some stairs. Head up to find a kitchen. The prize box is in the back.
・Message: AC Inspection – Straight from the kitchen you’ll end up in a small restaurant area. The message is in a set off section in the back.

・Message: Night Terrors + Freddy Name Shirt – Make your way to the daycare hallway and enter the 2nd door. On the bathroom sink is a message, and on the last toilet is a prize box.
・Sun Plush – Before you enter the Daycare, there is another “fountain” (for the lack of a better term). In the back, sitting on the edge is a prize box.

Daycare + Theatre
Message: Recycled Pizza?
– Behind the 4th door you encounter in the daycare (it’s a green one with a sun poster next to it), you can find the message straight on the left after entering.

・Glam Freddy Figure – In the same room, go to the other side. The prize box will be on a blue table.
・Plush Baby – Enter the green door behind the large buoy. The present sits on a table in the back.

・Message: Out of Order – Head down the stairs on the right and head all the way to the end of the corridor to find a small Fazcade (below the daycare entrance). The message is inside.

・Old Poster – At the other side of the area downstairs you can find the “Lucky Stars Giftshop”. The prize box is in the very back.

・Freddy Mask – Head up the nearby stairs and go right to enter the theatre. You’ll end up in a small kitchen area. Go behind the kitchen counter all the way to the back to find a pile of dirt, and a prize box on top of a shelf. Jump off the dirt pile to reach it.

・Message: BBW Maint Log – Make your way down the theatre to where the giant screen is. The message is on one of the benches on the far left.
・Frozen Chica Treat – Literally right in front of the theatre stage, behind some play pillows.
・Message: The Answer – On the lower floor in the theatre, in the right backside, find a small opening and follow the path down to find the theatre basement. As you go down the stairs, you’ll eventually come across a bunch of colored lockers. The message is in front of it.

・Mazercise Control Key – Required for Monty’s route. Right next to the save station in the back of the theatre basement.
・Flashlight Battery Upgrade #1MISSABLE. This prize box is located on top of the left tower in the back of the daycare playground. It can only be obtained when you are first in the daycare playground, when the Sun/Moon is chasing you.

Note: If you did miss this item, see this video for more information. It’s still possible to obtain it later on by using glitches.
(Update: patched in 1.04, making this item permanently missable)

・Golden Moon + Message: Arcade Conspiracy
These are easily the most well hidden collectibles in the game. In order to obtain them, you must first locate the Daycare Theatre – which is in the back of the Daycare (from entering). Inside the theatre, go up the stairs on the right side and you’ll find a suspicious looking poster for a movie.

Hidden throughout the Pizzaplex are 4 cardboard cutouts from the animatronics shown in the poster. You’ll have to use your Faz Camera (obtained from Monty’s Gator Golf) to flash them, and light up their eyes.

Below are the locations for all cardboard cutouts;

・Foxy – In the basement of the Daycare Theatre, in the room left of the save station.

・Chica – In the Kid’s Cove, which is right next to Monty’s Gator Golf, Chica is sitting next to a buoy.

・Bonnie – All the way in the back of Fazcade, where you ran away from DJ Musicman.

・Freddy – In the backstage, on the left of the save station.

Once that is done, return to the Daycare Theatre and you’ll notice that the door behind the poster can now be opened. Head through and tuck around the corner to find a lone arcade, along with a message and a prize box.

See the video below for a visual guide:

・Roxy Name Shirt
– Left from the performance stage, in the back of a small terrace.

・Frozen Monty Treat – Head to the small section of Monty’s Gator Golf. It’ll be behind some grass patches on the left.
・Glam Monty Figure – At the opposite site, behind a Chica cardboard cutout.
・Golden Sun – Head over to the Kid’s Cove area (looks like a beach) and check inside the lighthouse.

・Moon Plush – In the back of the Kid’s Cove there is a shipwreck. Check behind it to find a small opening, and a prize box inside.
・Chica Magnet – Head up the stairs next to the lighthouse and continue forward until you spot a bakery. Walk past it for now to find a prize box tucked away in the back (next to the Sundrop poster).

・Monty Magnet – Now head inside the bakery. Near to where the bot is patrolling there is a prize box on top of a fallen pinning machine.
Message: Ar-Cade Maint Log – Slightly behind this there is a small room containing the message.
・Hoodie – Locate the bathroom behind the giant cupcake, and head through the door. On one of the toilets is another prize box.

・Message: CFF Maint Log – On the counter right in front of the entrance of the bakery.
・Monty Pinata – Head back to the main Atrium to the ground floor. Under the check-in boot, located opposite of the main stage.

・Message: Better Employees – Head into the door left to the ice cream stand, and then instantly left into the next door. Somewhere in the middle of that room the message lays on a kitchen shelf.

・Pinata – Near the robot chef in that room is a door leading to the area behind a counter. The prize box is in the back.

・Freddy Face Shirt – Head back to where you came from, but instead of returning to the main Atrium, turn the opposite direction to spot a large green garage door. Don’t use it, but instead go right to find a prize box sitting on a conveyor.

・Freddy Upgrade #1 – Back in the main Atrium, make your way to the “Salads & Sides” stand, located all the way in the right corner of the bottom floor. (Near a save station and a vent)

The prize box is on the table in front of it.

・Space Freddy Keychain – Continue forward and head into the Fazer Blast section. In the left corner you’ll spot Freddy in a space suit with some stairs next to him. The prize box is at the end of the stairs.
・Freddy Pinata – Slightly on the right is a counter, next to some large staircase. Next to the staircase, crawl under the counter to locate a small kitchen. The prize box is sitting on a shelf in the back.

・Roxy Mask – Head up the staircase described above and you’ll end up in the section before Roxy’s Raceway. Right in front of you is a stack of boxes. Climb it and head over. In this area you can locate a large, iron construction staircase. Go all the way to the top for your prize.

Note: The staircase leading to Roxy’s Raceway section is blocked off by a gate which requires Chica’s voice box to open. If you haven’t done this yet, take the long way around by locating the Roxy’s Raceway sign in the Atrium.

・Frozen Roxy Treat – In the back on the right of that same room, behind a machine.
・Message: It’s Happening Again – Your way out of here is going to depend. If you have Monty’s Claws, summon Freddy with L and smash the fence. If you don’t, take the door in the back, meaning you have to go all the way around the Pizzaplex to get back into the Atrium.

Either way, once there, take the escalator left of the Roxy’s Raceway sign, and head left into the dark corridor (either one works). All the way in the back, next to some toilets, you can find the message.

・Roxy Balloon – Head back and take the roller shutter to Roxy’s Raceway. Head right on your first possible occasion and turn 180°.

Roxy’s Raceway
・Message: Sinkhole
– Continue on to Roxy’s Raceway and take the first roller shutter (with the Roxy’s Raceway sign above it). At the very end of that hallway the message is in front of some trophies.

Note; You will need either Monty’s claws or Chica’s voice box to get here, but the story requires you to obtain at least one of them.

・Chasing Cars – Once in Roxy’s Raceway, turn right and head towards the information booth. Once inside, right from the entrance door, under a giant logo is the message.

・Space Monty Keychain – In the back of that same room, on the bottom of a shelf.
・Message: Test Drivers Wanted – Exit the info booth and head forward to where you found the car with the robot in it. A message lies on top of a wooden crate in front of a save station.

・Fizzy Faz (Roxy) – Go behind the crate to find an iron staircase. On top of it is a prize box.
・Message: Re-theme – Close to here the road if blocked by several construction tools. Go behind them and head left behind yet more construction tools to find the message.

・Monty Balloon + Message: Power Drain – All the way in the back, next to some bumper cars, there is a small office. It includes both a prize box and a message.

・Dance Pass – Unmissable. Head to the area below the raceway entrance, where several roller shutters are located. Head into the 2nd one (left-to-right) to find the Dance Pass.

・Freddy Upgrade #2 – Head to the furthest right roller shutter and go in. Take a door that leads even further to the right to find a prize box in the back.
・Message: Sore Winner – Head back out and take the left path (as seen from the entrance). A little bit down the road there is a message in plain sight.

・Robot Head – Unmissable. It’s right behind the crates where you found the “Sore Winner” message at.
・Message: Old Elevator – Head slightly left to find a red door saying Staff Only. Enter it anyway to find a message in the back, warning you about an old elevator…
・Roxy Pinata – Get out of Roxy’s Raceway back into the small “maze section” near the Atrium. Take the second roller shutter this time instead to find a salon. Before going in however, go left instantly up some stairs to find a prize box in the room behind it.

Where to find the beauty salon, as seen from the Roxy Raceway entrance.

・Roxy Magnet – Now go into the hair & make-up salon. In the back there is a small podium with a prize box on it.
・Message: Red Flag – Enter the door left of the podium to spot a message sitting in a chair.
・Shoes – On the right of the chair, there is a door leading to a small bathroom with a prize box in it.

Fazer Blast
・Space Chica Keychain
– Take the elevator to Fazer Blast (left of Roxy’s Raceway sign). You arrive in a small room. Take the door on the right to find the bathrooms. The prize box in the boys (Freddy) bathroom, on the floor behind the wall.

・Space Roxy Keychain – On the opposite side of the room, take the door leading to the security office, and then the first door on your left. The prize box is sitting on a toilet…gross.

・Message: Hide the Mix + Bowling Ticket – Mere inches away is a security office. Both a message and a prize box (Bowling Ticket) are in there.
・Freddy Balloon – Head into the main Fazer Blast attraction. In the room where the greeter stands, behind the 2nd set of chairs you’ll find your prize.

・Old Poster MISSABLE. Inside the Fazer Blast Arena, in a room through a passage behind the flag in the red section of the arena.

If you missed this prize box, refer to this video for further information:

・Fazer Blaster – Awarded as a reward for winning Fazer Blast. (Get all 3 flags without dying)

Monty’s Gator Golf
・Tragedy Mask
– Near the entrance there is a ball pit on the lower floor. From there, take the stairs into the tree house to find the present inside it.

On the left of this arcade.

・Go Kart – In front of Monty’s Gator Grub you can find hole 17. This hole goes through a caravan. Take a peek inside for a surprise.

・Message: No Flash Photography – On the counter of Monty’s Gator Grub.
・Faz Cam + Mazercise Ticket + Message: Behind the Maze – Head inside the grub and take a left turn to find the security office in front of a save station. Inside you’ll find several goodies.
・Flashlight Battery Upgrade #2 – Head to the end of the hallway outside the security office and head through a red door saying Staff Only. You’ll find yourself in a steamy room with a prize box on a desk in the back.

Super Star-Cade
・Fizzy Faz (Monty) – On the 3rd floor of the Atrium, on the left, locate the El Chip’s shop. Head in and check behind the very first counter for a prize box.
・Chica Balloon – Once you enter the arcade, you can find restrooms on the left after walking forward for a bit. A prize box is sitting in a toilet stall in the girl’s (Chica) room.

・Message: Night Shift – In the second section of the arcade, find a small set off ‘bar’ section. A message is on the left table.

・Monty Mask – Head through the roller shutter on the left and follow the path to end up in a gift shop. The prize box is found between 2 Monty plushies in the back, under a Sundrop poster.

・Frozen Freddy Treat – Locate a purple shutter and head right until you see a Roxy picture on the wall. Go through the hole and follow the path until you find the prize box behind the counter.

・Message: Job Security
– Left from the El Chip’s restaurant, go into Mazercise. Head to the room in the back (but not as far as the maze), and locate a small room with several buttons on the wall, and more importantly, a message on the floor.

・Glam Monty Plush
– Locate Fazcade on the 3rd floor of the Atrium. Straight on the left of the fountain at the arcade’s entrance, you’ll spot a spiral staircase. Don’t go up but instead stay on the lower floor until you end up below another staircase. The prize box is there.

・??? – Now head up the stairs you were just under and make your way to the very back of the Fazcade, to find the last Karaoke room. A present is located here, but appears to be opened by the game. It’s unknown what it includes, but don’t worry about it, as it doesn’t appear to count towards the trophy.

・Message: Ultimate Party Host – Enter the door on the opposite side of the karaoke, and take the first door left to enter a security office. In the back, right of the security desk is a message.
・Message: PQ2 Maint Log – Exit the security office and make it all the way to the end of the long hallway, to find a message at the end.

Bonnie Bowl
・Message: PQ1 Maint Log
– Right of the Fazcade you can locate Bonnie’s Bowl. Proceed until you spot a large bowling alley. A message is in the back on the right side.

・Bonnie Plush From there, make your way to the second set of stairs. A prize box is hidden to the left of them.

・Message: Safety Check + Monty’s Mystery Mix – Head through the counter on the left of the bowling alley with an “ICE CREAM” sign above it. Enter the door behind the counter and turn left to find the message on the floor, and the prize box on a stack of boxes.
・Golden Monty – Now turn back and run to the other side of the hallway. There is another door there, with a downwards staircase behind it. At the bottom is your prize.

Loading Docks
・Fizzy Faz (Freddy) –
Locate the Sides & Salads stand in the top-right corner of the Atrium’s lower floor, and head inside the vent on the right. Follow the path and slide down. You’ll end up in a small room, connected with a security office. Inside is a prize box.
Message: Drink Fizzy Faz!!!! + Freddy Magnet – In the room right behind it, 2 more collectibles can be found. The message is behind the first desk, and the prize box behind the second.

・Golden Chica – Keep moving forward as much as possible until you find a dark, abandoned restaurant. On the very right is a counter, with a golden prize box behind it.

・Message: Pink Slip – From here, make your way to the middle of the restaurant to find a message on a table.

・Message: All Staff Meeting – Take the roller shutter on the left of a board that says “Don’t ask…WHY Animatronics”. Behind it is another message.
・Glam Roxy Plush – From here, take the first turn left and keep moving forward until you are in a small corridor with the letters “B1-COR-DC-2” on the wall. There’s a fence at the end that can be opened with Chica’s voice box, but there is nothing behind it. Instead, go right.

Take the second door in the hallway (it’s on the right), and finally go left to find another door with a small room and a prize box in it.

・Old Poster – Make your way past the washing machines until you find an open area like this:

Head forward and then left and you’ll end up in a room full of shelves. The prize box is all the way in the back.

・Star Shirt – Enter the bathrooms that are connected to the same room, and keep moving until you find some showers. The prize box is in the second shower.

・Message: Question – Take a left turn, and you’ll find a long hallway with a poster at the end – and a message!

Message: Marked for Deletion – From the location of the Star Shirt, go left and you’ll end up in a dimly lit hallway. Take the blue/red door on the right to end up in the mob bot area again. Locate the exit door on the left and leave the room.

After that take a left turn and look for a small office on your right:

・Message: Compactor Instructions – Right next to the office is a door leading to the kitchen, with a message sitting practically in front of it.
・Message: Food Story – From the compactor, move forward (past the Sauce machine) and go left after the double doors to find another message to your right, next to another set of doors.
・Old Poster – Head back to the kitchen compactor and place Monty’s Mystery Mix inside it to lure Chica, if you haven’t already. You’ll be dragged down to sewer level and have a small confrontation with Chica.

At the end of the section, where a long staircase goes up, you can find a table with some degrading robots on it, celebrating a birthday party. Sadly for them you’ll be taking their prize box.

Note: If you have already done the Chica fight, you can simply return back here from where you find the Old Poster with Spring Bonnie on it.

Storage + Backstage
・Freddy Icon Shirt
Locate the stack of boxes in the section before Roxy’s Raceway, and make your way over.

At the back of the room is a door with a sign saying “Backstage Staff Only”. Head through and follow the path until you arrive in a large, open storage room. In front of you is a large blue container. The prize box is on the right side of it.

・El Chip Pinata – Head left and locate a long hallway in the same room. Keep moving forward until you spot a door to your right. Head insane. The prize box is on the left of the door.

The door in question

・Glam Chica FigurePursue the long hallway, and you’ll spot 2 more doors on your right. Ignore them and go into the last one instead (near the double red doors). A prize box is on the floor behind some trolleys.

The 4th door

・Flashlight Battery Upgrade #3 – Enter the red doors seen left in the above picture, and instantly turn left to find another door leading to a dark room. The present is in the back.
・Message: Understudy – Exit through the red doors behind the prize, and instantly spot a message lying behind a podium.

・Backstage Pass – Unmissable. It can be seen behind the message in the picture above, and is in the back of the Backstage room.

Rockstar Row
On the right of where you found the Backstage Pass, pass by the fences and head through a set of doors to enter Rockstar Row.

・Pizza Plex Logo Shirt – Instantly on your left you’ll spot a stage with some cardboard cutouts, one of them being Shadow Bonnie in the back. The prize box is behind it.

・Party Pass – Unmissable. Inside Chica’s room, on her desk.
・Message: Chica Report – Right next to the desk, on the floor.
・Chica Mask – Head through the grey door in Chica’s room, and turn left to find a stack of boxes. The prize box is on top of it.

・Message: Monty Mischief – In Monty’s Room, on his desk.
・Golden Freddy – In the right corner of Monty’s Room is an arcade, with a golden prize box behind it.
・Four Block Shirt – Enter Roxy’s Room and then the grey door. Instantly after there is a prize box on your right.
・Fazwatch + Message: Hello Gregory – Unmissable. Obtained in Freddy’s room during the intro of the game.
・Message: Party Foul – Straight outside of Freddy’s room there is a message on a couch.

・Photo Pass – Unmissable. Crawl underneath the roller shutter next to Freddy’s room, and in front of you is a Freddy cutout, as well as a prize box.
・Monty Name Shirt – Head left from where you found the Photo Pass. You’ll soon find yourself behind a counter, with a door on your right side. The present is inside.

Maintenance Tunnels
・Golden Roxy –
Make your way to the Maintenance Tunnels in Rockstar Row.

Head down the stairs until you come across a fence with a mob bot behind it. Smash it using Monty’s claws and find a golden prize box behind it.

・Message: Missing – Continue down the stairs until you find a road split. Head right first to reach the first aid station. There is another fence there that you can smash with Monty’s claws. A message is on top of the stairs.

・Comedy Mask – On the opposite side of the road split is a fence that can be opened using Chica’s voice box. Behind the fence is a prize box on some shelves.
・Sun Figure – Continue down the hallway until you spot yet another fence that can be broken with Monty’s claws. It leads to a dark room with some trees, a TV projector…and a prize box.

・Foxy Plush – Straight as you walk back into the hallway you’ll spot a stack of boxes. A prize box is behind it.

・Moon Figure – Head up the stairs at the end of the hallway, and at the end you’ll see another fence. Smash it – and the one behind it – to find a prize box sitting on a conveyor.

・Glam Freddy Plush – Head to the section where Monty first chased you (it’s through the red doors near the charging station), but don’t go in the fog yet. Instead, check slightly right for another fence with a prize box behind it.

・Message: Torn Note – Head into the fog and open 2 more fences. Behind the last one is a staircase going down and a message.

You’ll likely also have noticed the suspicious door. Use your Faz Camera to reveal its secrets…

Parts & Services
・Messages: Roxy Upgrade + Chica Upgrade + Roxy Upgrade
– Starting from Roxy’s room, take the elevator down. Check left after the dimly lit hallway for 3 messages on the floor.

Note: Realistically you should’ve picked these up during your first visit down here. If you didn’t then there is a chance the game won’t let you pick them up.

・Glam Roxy Figure – Continue down the stairs past the door that is boarded off with wooden planks. You’ll notice that the glass is broken. Head inside and grab the present in the other room.

・Message: Stolen Property – Make your way through Parts & Services to the maze where you ran from the Exoskeletons. Once you’re past the vent, take the first turn right to spot a message in front of a fence.

・Nightmare Plush – Speaking of the Exo maze…it’s time to head back in. Fun, I know! Continue through the as normal, until you spot this Moondrop painting on the wall:

Head into the door left of it and press the button to reveal a hidden area with a golden prize box and an Exoskeleton standing behind it. Open the prize box and make a run for it.

If you already completed the maze, then the only way out is to run all the way back. If you haven’t yet- you can enter the roller shutter on the right of the security office (once you grabbed the badge).

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