This page serves as a guide for all treasure chests and messages (skeletons) in “Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale” DLC in Dreams. There are a total of 65 collectibles in this Dream, and collecting all unlocks both the “Treasure Hunter” and “Heed The Heroes” trophies on PS4/PS5.

For a full 100% walkthrough, refer to the video below:

Table of contents
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 1

Message #1: Straight after the intro plays

Treasure Chest #1: Left after you open the first gate.

Message #2: Straight in front of the first gate.

Message #3: Inside the room where you do the combat tutorial.

Message: #4: In front of a fence, after you fall down.

Message #5: In the room straight behind the fence.

Message #6: Once inside the tomb, at the left of the first fence.

Message #7 + Treasure Chest #2: On the right of the starting area for the tomb.

Message #8: A little bit after, right of a fighting area where you battle a “dog skull”.

Message #9 + Treasure Chest #3: In the corner and behind some spike traps in a room shortly after.

Message #10: Literally on the left of that same room.

Message #11: Behind the room where a large skeleton will come through the door. (Also where the game will ask you to play on hard mode if you’re not doing that)

Message #12: On the right of a large open room, before a gate.

Message #13: At the left side of the room, in front of a crumbled wall.

Treasure Chest #4: In the back of the next area, after you’ve opened the gate.

Treasure Chest #5 + Message #14: Behind a crumbled wall that you blow up with a bomb and the message is next to the bomb disposer.

Message #15: In the back of the next area, behind the broken lift.

Chapter 2

Message #16: Straight from the starting area of chapter 2.

Message #17: At the opposite side of the same area.

Message #18: In the next area, right to the door.

Message #19: Before a door with vines 2 areas later.

Message #20 + Treasure #6: In the right section of the same area.

Message #21: In the back of the room behind the vines door.

Message #22: Take the gate on the right of the next vine door to find it in the bottom corner.

Message #23: Right after the second vine gate.

Message #24 + Treasure #7*: On the right after the next gate, where you slash some piranha plants.

Key*: Take the gate on the left and fall down to find a key in a corner.

Message #25: In the same area, just a little further onwards.

Message #26: Straight after you slide down a slope.

Message #27 + Treasure #8: Slightly onwards, above some stairs, next to a crumbled wall with a treasure chest behind it.

Message #28 + Treasure #9: Take a bomb back to the area with the large slop and shatter the crumbled wall.

Message #29: In the section on the right, hanging over the railing.

Message #30: In the next area, sticking out of a wall behind the gate.

Message #31: Even deeper into the tomb, in front of a gate with a purple banner.

Message #32: Behind the gate on the right. No, the chest in the corner does not contain treasure, just coins.

Treasure Chest #10: Behind the gate that is opened from above.

Message #33: At the end of a long fighting section, before the chapter’s end.

Chapter 3

Message #34: At the very start of chapter 3.

Message #35: In the next room, before a wooden fence.

Message #36: On the left side of the fiery room, behind a gate.

Treasure Chest #11: In the next room, behind some bars. All switches must be set back for them to open.

Message #37: In the next room, right of the door.

Message #38: In the room where you have to hit explosive barrels.

Message #39 + Treasure Chest #12: In the next room, at the section with many spinning saw blades.

Message #40: On the right in the room with 2 tiger statues. Take note of how the switches are flipped.

Message #41: Straight after the tiger statues, in front of some flamethrowers.

Message #42: 2 Rooms later, at the very beginning.

Message #43: On the right side of the next room.

Message #44: Once you arrive on the outside section of the castle, in front of some banner.

Treasure Chest #13: Behind the crumbled wall. You must drop 2 bombs down the ‘slide’. One timed to destroy the planks, and one non-timed (X) to fall below.

Message #45 + Treasure Chest #14: In the back of the section above. Bomb the crumbled wall for a treasure chest.

Message #46: A fair bit further, in front of a large gate.

Treasure chest #15 + Message #47: Pull both switches seen in the picture above and head downstairs again. There’ll be 2 more switches you can pull. After pulling all of these the final treasure and message #47 can be accessed.

Message #48: 2 Rooms later, sneakily hidden in the corner between some plants.

Message #49: In the next room, midway a sideways path where you run from fire arrows.

Message #50: The final message, It’s shortly left of the former one, next to the final gate.

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