Players of the latest Five Nights at Freddy’s game – released on December 17th, 2021 – have ran into a wide variety of bugs & glitches over the course of the past few months. Major bugs, like not being able to get past the charging station at 3am, were quick to be fixed by Steel Wool Studios, however plenty of other bugs remained.

These ranged from minor bugs like dialogue not appearing, to major bugs such as getting jumpscared during the credits. In addition, many PC players reported issues with activating the last breaker switch in the arcade, and PS5 players were unable to obtain the platinum trophy.

Below is a quick rundown of bugs that have been fixed (and some that didn’t..):

  • Performance & framerate stability have improved, most notably on PS4.
  • “Shattered Dreams” and the platinum trophy are now obtainable for PS5 players. Simply load a save where the requirements have been met to autopop them.
  • Several major out of bounds glitches have been patched.
  • It is no longer possible to clip inside the Daycare with Freddy, making the prize box in there PERMANENTLY missable.
    On the contrary, the glitch to re-enter Fazer Blast still works.
  • The Fazer Blast area still cannot be left upon replays, and is even buggier now. No HUD shows up resulting in infinite player health. Additionally, this area is still notably laggy.
  • Fixed the bug where players die during the game’s credits.
  • The last breaker switch in the Faz Arcade is now fixed for PC users, in addition to the robot head not working.
  • Made improvements to the Burntrap battle, which was noticeably broken before.
  • Security Guards now come with slightly less shitty hitboxes and no longer appear to teleport on you.

A few other changes were also made.

  • The jumpscare sound for the security guards is now slightly more threatening.
  • Monty now appears in the Daycare even after breaking him (albeit only his top body).
  • It is now possible to save post-game (without glitches) thanks to a single save station in the Atrium.
    Saves where the “save after 6am glitch” was performed still allow players to save at every save station.
  • The Daycare escape sequence was made slightly easier, thanks to re-colored cables.
  • Cutscene skipping has been extended beyond the intro cutscene.
  • The lower floor of the Daycare Theatre now requires a level 10 security pass to enter (why)
    Please not that only 8 security badges are obtainable in the current version.

With this in mind it’s rather likely that we won’t see another patch until the first wave of DLC hits.

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