This is a guide on how to complete the ‘Dolphetta Stone’ quest in Nobody Saves the World that is available for Xbox and PC.

First of all, make sure you have talked to the scientist on the bottom left side of Stonefish Village. This is a village that you can only access after progressing a fair bit into the game.

Here is a quick overview of the dolphin locations. They are all near Stonefish Village, but some of them can be tricky to find. You can find a more accurate guide on the bottom of this page.

Dolphin #1

On the left side of the village, you will find a character with a pickaxe on top of a tiger, keep heading left. Pass the bridge, after holding down the left stick for some time, you will reach Dolphin #1.

Dolphin #2

Head back to the village, you will find the same bridge you crossed to get to Dolphin #1. Switch to turtle or mermaid form, and start swimming, head south of the village, you will find one dolphin in open water, this dolphin does not count however. Instead head down (south) a little more, you will find a small pool with another Dolphin on the left side. That is Dolphin #2. Two down, three more to go!

Dolphin #3

On the top right side of the village, you will find the Depleted Mines dungeon, don’t enter it, instead head right, cross the right bridge, head into the water on the edge of town, there you will find an exit which leads to Firepit Mountain, head north (up), you will find another exit which leads to the Secret Trail. Here you will find a bunch of minecarts with diamonds in it, head left and exit this section of the Secret Trail, now you will enter another section of the Secret Trail. With Dolphin #3 being in a pool near a waterfall.

Dolphin #4

After talking to Dolphin #3, head back to the Secret Trail section that contains the minecarts, head down the exit, back to Firepit Mountain, keep heading down and eventually you will find a small pool with a Dolphin in it. That is Dolphin #4. One more Dolphin left to find!

Dolphin #5

After talking to Dolphin 5, head to the bottom right side, where you will find a knight and a little knight near a campfire, head right of the campfire, and then down where you will find a small path, this section is called the Deep Jungle. It will contain some enemies so be careful! Head up a little bit, there you will find Dolphin #5, which is the final Dolphin that you need to complete the quest. Head back to the village using a quick travel portal or on foot, whatever you prefer. Talk to the scientist. This will complete the quest.

For a video guide:


0:00 – Talk to the Scientist in Stonefish Village to start the quest

0:28 – Quick overview of the locations (pause the video here if needed.)

0:36 – Dolphin 1

1:05 – Dolphin 2

1:28 – Dolphin 3

2:19 – Dolphin 4

2:50 – Dolphin 5

3:25 – Talk to the Scientist in Stonefish Village again to complete the quest.

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