Nobody Saves the World is a fantastic game, with tons of areas and dungeons to explore. The game also comes with many side quests, one of them requiring you to help an old snail in the graveyard section of the game.

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He explains that he misses his diseased wife, and wishes he could see her again- but for that he needs a slug mage. You may find yourself running around aimlessly looking for a so-called “slug mage”, but truth to be told, you are the slug mage.

Make sure that you have unlocked Necromancer before starting this quest. He is unlocked upon reaching C rank with the Mermaid, Rogue and Ghost forms

After acquiring the Necromancer, complete his form quests until you reach rank D, which will unlock the “Summon Demon” move.

Head to the Snail form’s section and set “Summon Demon” as one of your moves.

Finally, as the Snail, use the “Summon Demon” move on the grave to complete this quest.

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