This is a guide on how to obtain Chica’s voice box, and serves as a walkthrough for the “Decommission Chica” and “Chica’s Peak” objectives in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. This can be obtained starting at 4am, after you have acquired the Party Pass.

If you prefer a visual guide, refer to this video:

With the Party Pass in hand, locate the Fazer Blast section on the right side of the Atrium, next to the “Roxy’s Raceway” sign.

Redeem your Party Pass at the entry and take the elevator to Fazer Blast. Locate the security office on the right.

A prize box inside contains a Bowling Ticket, which can be redeemed to access Bonnie’s Bowl. You can optionally complete the Fazer Blast minigame to earn the Fazer Blaster, which although useful, isn’t required to beat the game.

Back in the Atrium, make your way up to the 3rd floor on the right side. At the top of the stairs is the Fazcade. Turn around to find Bonnie’s Bowl behind it.

Submit your Bowling Ticket to the waiter to enter Bonnie’s Bowl.

Head onwards through Bonnie’s Bowl – past several arcade machines, until you either reach a bowling alley or spot a large “ice cream” sign.

Head behind the ice cream counter to find a door. Go through it to encounter a familiar figure…
After that, turn left to find a prize box containing Monty’s Mystery Mix on a stack of boxes.

Go back to the Atrium and locate the “Salads & Slides” stand in the top right corner.

Enter the door behind it and move forward – passing by a prize box sitting on a conveyor – until you find some greenish garage doors, with an elevator behind it.

Once down, continue moving forward/left until you spot a sign saying “Exit to Docks”. The kitchen is behind those doors.

Instantly after there’ll be another set of doors with the same sign above it. Head through and take the first door to your right.

You’ll find yourself in a cooling area. Head through and enter the next grey door you find. You’ll now be in some sort of storage area. In the back of this area is a generator. Flip it, and watch out for Chica.

Head back to the kitchen, and place Monty’s Mystery Mix inside the kitchen compactor (a prompt will show up).

With that set and done, press the “Trash” button in front of the compactor.

A cutscene will play and both Gregory and Chica will fall down to sewer level. With Gregory being (somehow) unharmed, take this opportunity to take out Chica’s voice box!

Continue on and you’ll end up in an open area with a generator in it. Flip it and Chica will appear.

Rush back to where you came from and the fence can now be opened.

The next generator is in a dark mine section. Go left from the entrance, and keep walking until you find the generator. That’s the easy part.

Once you activated the generator, it’s time to find a way out. The easiest way to do this is by following the green wire connecting the generator and the fence.

It will briefly disappear in this section, but simply head through the area with wooden planks to find it again.

Return to the second gate and head through. The next – and last – generator is located in an abandoned parking lot.

Pretty much head straight forward until you come across a slight incline in the floor. The generator is on the left of it, in the back of the room.

From here, simply follow the path forward until you arrive in a room that looks like this:

Take the staircase leading back to the Loading Docks, and proceed to Parts & Services (the area below the performance stage) to upgrade Freddy with Chica’s voice box.

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