There are 6 different endings in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, some being harder to find than others. This article will guide you through all of them.

Table of contents
Default Ending
Vanny Ending
Princess Quest Ending
Docks Ending
VIP Ending
Springtrap Ending

Default Ending (aka Bad Ending)

Upon reaching 5:50am you are given one final task, escape the Pizzaplex before Moondrop catches you. If you manage to make it to the entrance in the main lobby before 6:00am, Freddy will give you the option to stay or leave. This ending is obtained by leaving the Pizzaplex.

Don’t worry, the game autosaves before you make the choice, so you can reboot your file after to stay!

Vanny Ending
Remember the Fazer Blast minigame? If you don’t, play Chica’s route first.

Fazer Blast can be accessed from the Atrium as long as you have a spare Party Pass. It’s slightly left of the Roxy’s Raceway sign. In the minigame you have to defend 3 flags. If you fail you need to restart, but if you succeed you win a grand prize..!

The Fazer Blaster winner’s room. The arrow indicates the location of the vent in this room.

After picking up your shiny new toy in the winner’s room, check the left to find a small vent hole.
Note: You can return to the winner’s room anytime, as long as you beat Fazer Blast before.

Crawl through the vent, and you’ll spot a collectible at the end of the area, but more importantly, there is another vent hole on the left!

You’ll end up on a platform high above the Fazer Blast Arena where some dialogue will play.

Feel free to look around a little after, but there isn’t much you can do here at the moment.

Instead, either focus on finishing the game, or – if you have already – make your way to one of the exits for a new ending option – Vanny.

A short cutscene will play and you’ll find yourself in a dark, underground basement. Aside from Roxy being there to chase you, there is nothing to really do here. After the corridors, stick to the left until you find a roller shutter.

Follow the path until you find a spiral staircase leading to the same area above Fazer Blast that you’ve visited before. However, this time you can enter the security office! Simply press the button on the security desk to trigger the ending.

If you prefer a visual guide for this ending, refer to the video below:

Princess Quest Ending (aka Good Ending)
If you explored the Pizzaplex thoroughly there’s a good chance you have come across one of the Princess Quest arcades. These are hidden minigames, and must be beaten in chronological order to unlock this ending.

There are a total of 3 Princess Quest arcades, the locations of which are shown below:

Princess Quest Arc. 1
Head to Roxy’s Raceway, but instead of entering the shutter with the “Roxy’s Raceway” sign above it, take a turn to the right and enter there instead.

POV: In front of the shutter with the Roxy’s Raceway sign above it.

Continue onward to find a beauty salon. Make your way to the door in the back to find the first arcade machine.

Press ロ to use the arcade for it to boot up an 80s themed minigame.
The controls are fairly simple. Use the joystick to move and press ロ to light torches.
The path here is very straightforward, except for the graveyard section where you have to light 5 torches in a specific (random) order.

Once you reach a sinister looking creature the minigame will end.

End of Princess Quest 1

Princess Quest Arc. 2
Make your way to the Fazcade on the 3rd floor of the Atrium. You must now make it all the way upstairs back to where DJ Musicman chased you.

In the very back you can spot the arcade containing none other than Princess Quest 2. It plays very much the same, except you now wield a sword instead of a lamp. Once again, press ロ to use it.

The path is once again fairly linear, with the only notable section being this puzzle.

For the outer two torches you must walk back and forth as quickly as possible while lighting the torches. It’s pretty tight timing, but you’ll get it eventually.

Upon beating part 2 you’ll end up in a suspiciously familiar room…

End of Princess Quest 2

Princess Quest Arc. 3
The rumored PQ3 is indeed real, but you have to go to several steps to find it. More specifically, you must trigger the Vanny ending (described above) again.

Go through the vents at Fazer Blast and trigger the ending at one of the exits again. It’s basically the exact same until you reach Vanny’s security office.

Upon reaching the security office something should catch your eye..

It’s an old arcade machine, and you can already guess what’s on it.

Once again the minigame here functions much the same, however this time you have to obtain 2 items.

One of them is a…Vanny head? I’ll let you judge for yourself.
It’s located in a small maze on the left side of the main room (pizzeria). Light all the torches to open the path to the middle, and watch out for Foxy.

On the right side of the pizzeria room you can find the bunny doll. After a few rooms of conveyors that can be reversed by lighting torches, you’ll end up in a room with a treasure chest, where you must guide your shadow to hit the purple torch.

Hint: Your shadow can walk in the air

Make your way back to the main room and take the door at the bottom until you find this small room.

Open the fiery chest in exchange for your treasures to obtain a Springtrap key.

Head back to the main room once again and use the Springtrap key on Foxy’s cove.

From here on, simply follow the path until you find a large gate. The ending will play afterwards.

End of Princess Quest 3

For a visual guide, refer to this video:

Docks Ending
Back when you first visited the loading docks at 1am, Freddy hinted that you could escape from there…but sadly the door was locked due to the security access level being too high.

Now that you have at least 7 security badges (Security Badges locations), you can go back here to finish the job!

Locate “Salads & Sides” in the top-right corner of the Atrium (lower floor) and take the door (not the vent) next to the save station.

Keep walking until you find a large green garage door, which is in fact an elevator.
Take it down and instantly on your right will be a recharge station. Get Freddy from it.

Now go left/forward a little until you spot a sign saying “EXIT TO DOCKS”.

Continue straight forward and walk towards the exit door with Freddy to trigger the ending.

For a visual guide, refer to this video:

VIP Ending (aka Fire Escape Ending)
This is the most time consuming ending to get. In order to get it you must first obtain all 6 Golden plushies and have collected at least 40 prize boxes in total.

Golden Roxy
Head to the maintenance tunnels near the Pizzaplex entrance and head down the stairs. As you go down you’ll come across a fence that can be smashed open with Monty’s claws, with a cleaner bot standing behind it.

Make your way past the cleaner to find a lonely golden present on the floor.

・Golden Freddy
In Rockstar Row, go to Monty’s room. The present is behind the Arcade cabinet.

・Golden Sun
In the Atrium, locate the giant Kid’s Cove sign next to the Monty’s Gator Golf one. Enter the roller shutters behind it and check the lighthouse for a prize.

・Golden Chica
Locate “Salads & Sides” in the top-right corner of the Atrium (lower floor) and take the door next to the save station.

Keep walking until you find a large green garage door, which is an elevator to the bottom floor.
Take it down and head left twice on your soonest opportunities. You’ll end up in an abandoned cafe.

On the right side of this cafe, there is a counter with a golden prize box behind it.

・Golden Monty
Locate Bonnie’s Bowl on floor 3 of the Atrium, on the far right. Once inside, look for a giant sign saying “ICE CREAM”. Go behind the counter from the back and enter the door.

Turn right to find another door leading to a downwards staircase, with a prize box at the bottom.

・Golden Moon
Hidden throughout the Pizzaplex are 4 cardboard cutouts from the animatronics shown in the poster. You’ll have to use your Faz Camera (obtained from Monty’s Gator Golf) to flash them, and light up their eyes.

Below are the locations for all cardboard cutouts;
・Foxy – In the basement of the Daycare Theatre, in the room left of the save station.

・Chica – In the Kid’s Cove, which is right next to Monty’s Gator Golf, Chica is sitting next to a buoy.

・Bonnie – All the way in the back of Fazcade, where you ran away from DJ Musicman.

・Freddy – In the backstage, on the left of the save station.

Once that is done, return to the Daycare Theatre and you’ll notice that the door behind the poster can now be opened.

Head through and tuck around the corner to find an arcade, as well as a prize box with Golden Moon.

Lastly, make sure you have all 8 security badges so you can exit through the fire escape.
The fire escape exit can be found behind the Super Star-Cade.

Locate El Chip’s at floor 3 (left side) in the Atrium.

Then locate the security office door on the far right of the arcade.

Exit through the back and you’ll end up in a gift shop.

Go through the purple roller shutter seen on the left of the image, then take the first option to the right and follow the path until you see 2 doors blocked off by building equipment.

Choose leave to play the ending

If you do not have 40 prize boxes yet, see this article for the location of all of them!

Refer to the video below for a visual guide of the VIP ending:

Springtrap Ending (aka Secret Ending)
This is it, the true ending. But it won’t be easy.

Make your way to Roxy’s Raceway while inside Freddy, equipped with Chica’s voice box and Monty’s claws, and take the left stairs down. You’ll spot a red door with a “Staff Only” sign on it in the distance.

Ignore the sign and head in.

You’ll find yourself on an iron staircase in a dark hallway. Make your way down only to find a Monty fence. Smash it and you end up at an old building foundation.

One more fence stands in your way, Use chica’s voice box to open it.

Go inside the elevator behind the fence. The game will tell you there’s no way back if you do, however you’ll spawn back up here after beating the game, so select “yes”.

The elevator will take you to a dark cave. Creepy… Follow the path and turn on the generators you encounter (you do not need to turn them all on). You’ll soon end up in a location that might be familiar to you – the pizzeria from FNAF6.

On the right of the pizzeria in a recharge station that activates once enough regenerators have been set. Don’t worry, they’re all right on the main path. Head in and take Freddy with you.

Right next to the recharge station is a path heading downwards. Simply follow the path and listen to Freddy’s backstory.

Going in here with Gregory alone will kill you.

Eventually the floor will collapse and you’ll end up in a dark, isolated room. It’s time for the final battle, against non other than Springtrap.

The battle is pretty straightforward, although buggy.

There are 3 monitors in the room, showing 3 different rooms. All of them have a button next to them. Sometimes you will see Springtrap on one of the monitors, tampering with a device.

When you see this, press the button next to the monitor to set him aflame.

This is the essential of attacking in this battle, but there are also things that you need to watch out for. Freddy will warn you ahead of time for all of these, except for the last two.

・Chica – Comes out of either of the hallways on the side. Press the button next to the door to block her from coming in.

・Roxy – Just like Chica she comes from one of the hallways, however she cannot be blocked by doors. You must ‘scare’ her away by using Chica’s voice box with Freddy (ZL button). This is incredibly buggy however, and does not always work.

・Monty – He sometimes crawls through the vent next to the center monitor. Press the button below it to close the vent.

・Freddy – If you do not burn Springtrap fast enough, he’ll successfully take control of Freddy, causing him to attack you. You have about 1 minute to burn him each time, so no need to hurry.

・Wires / Molten Freddy – In the arena there are several pits. They are perfectly safe to walk over in phase 1, but during phase 2 you must avoid them. As Gregory, do not get close to the wire tentacles, or they will grab you. You can use Chica’s voice box as Freddy to get rid of them.

To avoid Molten Freddy, avoid walking over the holes completely.

After 8 hits on Springtrap the battle ends and the ending will play.

If you are having trouble with the battle, there is a trick to make it easier. When Roxy appears in a hallway, block the door gate with Freddy. She won’t be able to pass him, but Springtrap will continue to attempt to hijack Freddy, giving you an easy 8 hits.

Phase 2 never starts if you abuse this trick, but the ending will still play.

For a visual guide, refer to this video:

Good luck, Superstar!

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