This is a guide on how to obtain Monty’s claws, and serves as a walkthrough for the “Decommission Monty” and “Thrill Seeker” objectives in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. These can be obtained starting at 4am, after you have acquired the Party Pass.

In the Atrium, locate a giant “Monty’s Gator Golf” sign at the left side of the performance stage. Head through the roller shutter behind it, and redeem your Party Pass there.

Once inside Monty’s Gator Golf, locate the “Monty’s Gator Grub” stand in the back of the golf course.

As seen from hole 18.

Head in through the red door, and take a right turn to find a hallway leading to a security office.

The security office is located 1 door before the save station. Head inside and open the prize boxes, which include a Faz Cam, and more importantly for this guide – a Mazercise Ticket.

Locate Mazercise on the 3rd floor – on the left side of the Atrium, all the way in the back.

Submit your ticket to the bot waiting in front of Mazercise, and head in. Take either of the doors to find a small room behind the first wall.

As seen from the left door

Head inside to find a mostly empty room, except for a bag on the ground, a save station and some buttons on the wall. Hmm…what do these do?

Well as it turns out you need to obtain the Mazercise Control Key first, which is in the Daycare. Head back to the Atrium and make your way to the elevators to quickly reach the Daycare.

Take a left turn once you get out of the elevator, and head inside the daycare. Your next destination is the Daycare Theatre, which is located in the back of the Daycare – so about here…

Inside the theatre, go to the very right until you find a small passage with a declining slope.

Follow the path from here until you are down in the basement. Take note of the set of red doors in the back of the area. Behind them is a save station, with a present next to it.

Once you leave the area (with the Control Key in hand of course), the Exoskeletons will ‘wake up’ and start following you. Make a run for it, and they’ll give up soon enough. Proceed to make your way back to Mazercise yet again.

Back at the Mazercise control panel, you can now activate it with the control key, but before you do so, save first.

The following puzzle requires you to ‘fix’ the maze leading to the vent in Mazercise, however the game gives very little instructions on how it works.

The easy way through is by inputting the follow code on the control panel:
Switch UP: 4, 2, 2, 2, 3
Switch DOWN: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2 (for the last 2, use the bottom row)

You should now have a clear path to the vent. If not, reload your save and try again.

If you prefer a visual guide for the control key location and maze code, refer to this video:

After the vent you’ll be high up inside Monty’s Gator Golf. Use the cannon on your right to shoot the Monty figures hanging from the ceiling (more specifically, aim for the pink spots).

After that the fence will open so Gregory can hop down, and a boss fight will commence. Make sure to save first though!

Throughout the arena are various cannons containing…tennis balls? Who knows. You may find yourself shooting them at Monty, although it won’t hurt him. Instead, look for the “Hole-in-One Hurricane” bottle, near to where the vent entrance is.

Aim your balls towards the pink spot, with the arrows pointed at it. If you manage to hit the bar above it will slowly fill up. From certain angles it can be difficult to see if you landed a hit, so pay attention to a bell ringing sound. If the bell rings, you’re good.

Once the bar on top has filled, the objective “Dump Splash Bucket” will show up on your screen. Make your way to the bucket, and locate a switch on the right. Press it to end the fight.

After a cutscene plays, head over to Monty to collect his claws. You can then head to Parts & Services (area below the performance stage in the Atrium) to upgrade Freddy.

If you prefer a visual guide for this boss fight, refer to this video:

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