How to Get the PS5 version of GTA V for $9,99 (or $19,99 on Xbox)

In just 3 days as of writing this article – on March 15th, 2022 – the next gen console versions of GTA 5 will finally release, featuring upgraded performance as well as new content. Although the physical version seems to go for $70 in most places, there is no need to spend nearly that much. You can get it for as little as $9,99 at the moment, certainly not a bad deal!

Note: Xbox users will have to pay $19,99 instead of $9,99. In June the game’s price will be bumped up to $34,99 on PS5 and to $39,99 Xbox Series X/S after its release.

On PS5, navigate to the PS Store and type “Grand Theft Auto V” in the search, or simply locate it on the home page.

This will – for some reason – redirect you to the Grand Theft Auto Online page for PlayStation 5 (which you can download for free by the way). Click the 3 dots next to wishlist and select “Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation®5)” from the list.

This will redirect you to the proper Grand Theft Auto PS5 page, offering the game for $9,99. From here on you can purchase the game with the funds in your wallet. It will be playable on March 15th, 2022 at 4am UTC +0.

That is between 8pm-11pm for America (March 14th), and 5am March 15th) for Central Europe.

On Xbox Series X/S, open the Microsoft Store and search for “GTA”, or if you cannot find the versions shown below, refer to “Games” > “Coming soon” under the store menu.

The version you want to find is Grand Theft Auto V with the X/S logo over it. It’s $34,99 in this screenshot, but that is NZD, translating to roughly ~24USD. (The game however is $19,99 on the US store).

Clicking on it will give you the option to purchase either GTA Online for $9,99 ($17,47 in the screenshot), or the “complete edition”, which includes both GTA online and the single player campaign for $19,99 ($34,97 in the screenshot).

Keep in mind that once the game releases on March 15th, 12:00pm UTC +0 (4-7am America / 1pm Central Europe), the price on Xbox will be doubled, pricing the full game at $39,99USD, or $19,99USD for the online portion only.

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