This article serves as a guide on where to find every lost Waddle Dee and how to complete every mission objective in the “Rocky Rollin’ Road” level in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This level has no Ability Blueprint to collect.
All collectibles are listed in order.

  • Eat snacks off 3 tree stumps
  • Find the side road while going uphill
  • Drive without falling off the edge

Snack #1: On a tree stump at the beginning of the level. Rather hard to miss.

Snack #2: Straight after climbing the first ladder.

Waddle Dee #1: Notice a target after the rolling rock section. Grab the Ranger copy ability from the nearby enemy and shoot the target. The iron blocks will then disappear.

Find the side road while going uphill: As you move uphill against the rolling boulders there is a small passage on your right.

Capsule: In the dome at the end of the secret passage.

Waddle Dee #2: Once you reach a small bridge, take note of the target above it. Shoot it with the Ranger ability to find a hidden room.

Shoot all the targets before they fall down. Remember that you can hold B to charge a larger shot. If you fail, simply reset the room to try again.

Snack #3: Before the downhill section you’ll notice one last tree stump…without a snack. Jump on the rock before it to spawn a snack on top of the tree stump.

Waddle Dee #3: At the end of the boulder chase section, press the switch before the boulder hits it. This will spawn a Waddle Dee on the left couch.

Alternatively you could try jumping in the big hole – not saying you should.

Waddle Dee #4: In the car section, boost through the cracked wall (broken in picture) to collect the 4th Waddle Dee.

Drive without falling off the edge: With the car, don’t fall of the map. This is awarded at the end of the level if the conditions are met.

Capsule: In the iron blocks on the right of the goal. Boost through them using the car.

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