The world of Sifu comes with various collectibles, all of which are pinned to your discovery board. This guide shows the location for all of them.


Fajar – The Botanist
On the desk before you select The Squats. Unmissable.

The Squats

Unmissable. Obtained after defeating your first gangster.
Skull Letter + Avenue Door
Both are on the glass door in the very first warehouse you enter.

Unmissable. Obtained after defeating your first junkie.
Purple Mist
On a shelf in the room you end up in after leaping over a large gap.

Unmissable. Obtained after taking down the first big guy, after jumping through a roof.
After taking down the big guy, pick it up from the shelf with large amounts of money on it.
Note: I accidentally picked up the item before taking the screenshot.

Club Flyer
After falling down the broken elevator shaft, you’ll find yourself in a money laundering room. The table in the back has a flyer on it.
Skull Brothers
Unmissable. Obtained after finishing the drugs lab section.
Bunch of keys
Unmissable. Automatically awarded after taking down the bald punk in the office.

Metal Gate
Unmissable. Awarded upon opening the nearby iron gate with the keys.

Purple Flower
On a shelf in the middle of the hangar. Pick it up after taking out all the baddies.

Keycard 206
After the small outside/suburb area, you’ll find yourself in a tent. Pick up the keycard from in front of a Yin Yang symbol. It can be used in the final area of the game.

Private Room Door
In the same area, check the door behind the curtains to unlock this. The Flower’s Key is required to open it.
Behind the Private Room door, on the table. The Flower’s Key is required to open the door, and can be found in the Sanctuary.

The Club

Finding Sean
Talk to the guy at the entrance (don’t kill him) and he’ll tell you where Sean is.
Unmissable. Obtained automatically after defeating a clubber.
Unmissable. Obtained after beating the female punk mini-boss on the dance floor.
Access Door
On the top right of the dance room there is an access door. You cannot open it yet, but will be able to with the Disciple’s Pass.

Code Door
Try to enter the door on the left in the back of the dance room, at the start of the level. It can be opened once you obtain the Club Code in the next level.
Disciple’s Pass
Obtained after defeating the large black guy mini-boss.

Hacker’s Key + Tech Guy
From the access door, instead of taking the door right leading to the trials, continue heading forward. Head up the stairs to meet a tech guy. He’ll give you the key if you talk to him, and the “Tech Guy” drawing is obtained then as well.
The key can be used on Jinfeng’s computer.

The Three Trials

Unmissable. Obtained upon starting the trials.
Sean’s Disciples
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating one if his disciples during the trials. 
Sean’s Values
Written on the wall after the 2nd trial. The text translates to “death wish” if you were curious.

Right after this, on the other side of the wall there is another set of Kanji. It seems to simply add context to the former message.
Fire Chest
After walking into the next building (which is in flames), you’ll spot a very obvious (and familiar) box.
Fire Key
Once you obtained the Club Code in the museum, open the top-left door in the dance room at the start of the club and beat the goons behind it to receive the key.

Sean’s Father
Return to the Fire Chest mentioned 2 pictures above and use the Fire Key to unlock it. This sadly means you have to go through the trials again.

The Museum

Unmissable. Obtained after defeating a security guard.
Museum Map
Spotted on a shelf at the very beginning of the museum.

On the very first stairs in the museum, check the middle to find an elevator. You need a key to enter it however.
Stairs Access
Check on the other side to spot 2 doors with stairs behind them. Inspect either of them to earn this message.

Exhibition: Idenity
On floor 1, sitting on a shelf as you enter the exhibition.

Exhibition: Cycle
On floor 2, sitting on a shelf as you enter the next exhibition.

Sean’s Army
In the large room with hanging colored lightbulbs, obtained after taking down the 2 ninjas.

Exhibition: Twins
On floor 3, in the exhibition entrance, sitting on a shelf.
Bodyguard + Museum Keycard
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating the bodyguard serving Kuroki.
Temporary Exhibition
Sitting on a shelf on the 4th floor next to a shrine and some…flying plates? Who knows…

Artist Residence Door
On the 4th floor, behind the striped gates on your left. The Artist’s Key is required to enter, which is found in the Tower.

Elevator Key
Unmissable. Obtained at the end of the visually beautiful section, just before you battle Kuroki.

Kuroki’s Inner Circle
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating Kuroki.
Club Code
On the edge of the 3rd floor, next to the white striped doors, you battle a female warrior who drops the Club Code upon defeat. This can be used on the door in the dance room in “The Club” area.
Strange Mask
At the same location, inspect the strange looking green mask. The collecting button prompt is kinda whacky for it, but it can be collected.

Family Photo
After obtaining the Artist’s Key, return to the Artist’s Residence Door and walk up the stairs to find a Family Photo in a box.

The Tower

Art Auction
At the very beginning of the tower, on your left in a side area.
Behind the reception are 2 elevators. Inspect the one on the right.

Unmissable. Earned after defeating the employee inside the left elevator.
Jin-feng’s Computer
On floor 48 (where the left elevator takes you), inspect the computer on the desk. You need the Hacker Key to access it, which is obtained in The Club.

Jinfeng’s Safe
Access the computer using the Hacker’s Key (see above), and this will unlock. The safe is on the right of the computer, inside the wall.
Artist Key + The Guardian’s Vows
Take a peek inside the safe mentioned above to receive these two items. The Artist’s Key can be used on the Artist’s Residence Door in the museum.
The Sanctuary
Various floors lower (floor 45 to be specific, after escaping from the security room, you’ll find yourself in front of this section. Take out the employees – who are suspiciously good at fighting I must add – and pick up the item on the bench.
The Rift
Unmissable. Obtained after falling down with the elevator on floor 44.
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating your first enemy in the depths of the tower.
A Conspiracy
Unmissable. Obtained when entering a room with 4 symbols engraved on the wall. More specifically, the Kanji for “tree”, “water”, “soil” and “fire”.

Hui Su
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating the enemy in the room pictured above.
The Dawn + Sun Mei
Unmissable. Obtained upon entering a room with a half sun emblem on the wall.
Elevator Keycard
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating the enemy inside the chamber seen in the image above.

The Sanctuary

Straight on the left of the entrance of the sanctuary building.
Room 206
In the Guesthouse, on the top floor, at the end of one of the corridors, you can find room 206. You can open this door, provided you collected Keycard 206 in The Squats. The Guesthouse can be found by taking the door to the right in the room behind the main room.

Fajar’s Medical Report + Flower’s Key
Both are found inside room 206, on the shelf below the TV. The Flower’s Key opens the Private Room in The Squats.
Inner Garden Door
Unmissable. Right in front of the player as seen 2 images above. Requires a keycard to open.
Aromatic Garden Key
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating the enemies in the room next to the level’s 2nd shrine.
Aromatic Garden Door
In that same area, on the opposite end of the shrine, use the key you just found on the set of doors. Note that I have already opened them in the picture, and am standing on the other side.
In the outside plaza after opening the garden door (also behind the keycard door), locate a slight alcove where you can go downstairs. It leads you to a lonely man sitting near a statue. Inspect it for this message.
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating the guy on top of the stairs in the outside plaza. Use it on the door leading from the entrance to the plaza if you so desire.
Alchemist Vows
Inside the building on top of the stairs, next to the 3rd shrine on a table.

The Tombs
Unmissable. Obtained somewhere near the end of the Sanctuary.
The Five Values
Unmissable. Obtained just before fighting Yang.
Yang’s Tree
Unmissable. Obtained after defeating Yang.
The Sacred Mountain
You may have been scratching your head over this one, perhaps having searched the Sanctuary for hours on end -and I don’t blame you. This (most likely) final piece is obtained through a lengthy quest.

Make sure that you have beaten the game at least once – in other words – defeat Yang. Upon your first game completion you’ll unlock the ability to spare boss enemies. 

By now you’ll be more than familiar with the “stun bar”, which displays above enemies.

Once you fill it up completely – by blocking and attacking – you’ll be able to instant KO the enemy or boss.
Don’t do that now.
Instead, fill it up completely, but do not attack when the prompt shows. After a few seconds the prompt will disappear and the battle resumes, with the stun bar having decreased slightly.

Fill it up again, and this time you’ll have the option to either KO, or spare. Choose spare to end the battle with a special cutscene, where you are rewarded a Talisman.
You’ll need 5 of these Talismen, one for each boss fight. The process for each boss is exactly the same: spare the boss for a Talisman. The only exception to this is Yang, as attempting to spare him will trigger a third phase in the battle. You cannot deny here, and your only objective is to fill his stun bar one last time and hit him once the prompt shows to unlock the true ending, and the message. 


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