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This impressive “Dreams” recreation reimagines Jurassic Park’s memorable T-Rex Roar

Ever since Dreams released for Playstation 4 back in 2020, we have seen a good amount of impressive creations.

From unique new games to impressive remakes from classics such as Final Fantasy 7, Donkey Kong 64 and even Portal – We have truly seen it all.

Yesterday, we got out first glimpse at something so impressive that I could barely tell the difference between the remake and the real thing.

Experienced Dreams Creator and Twitter User Krenautican really managed to remake the notorious Jurassic Park T-Rex Roar in Dreams, and the result is fascinating:

A screenshot taken in Dreams. 2 of 2.
Image Credit: Krenautican

They even got the lightning and movement right! Despite its short length, it is, truly… a work of art.

Krenautican has already published the scene, and you can try it out yourself!


The Dreams Engine is truly powerful, and it shows. Thanks to the impressive creations many have published over the last two years. Dreams continues to be one of the most unique games ever made, with an impressive catalogue of games and scenes, and its active community, it truly is exciting to see where we are at in another two years from now.

For those interested, we have prepared a comparison video between the original scene, and the Dreams remake on our Youtube Channel:

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