This article serves as a guide on where to find every lost Waddle Dee and how to complete every mission objective in the “Through the Tunnel” level in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This level has no Ability Blueprint to collect.
All collectibles are listed in order.

  • Light 4 Lantern Switches
  • Find the secret room
  • Remove the wanted poster

Lantern #1: Grab the fire ability at the start of the level and take note of a lantern behind some construction fences. Light it up with B, and optionally follow the coin trail for a small reward.

Waddle Dee #1 + Find the secret room: Shortly into the tunnel you’ll find a dome. Use mouthful mode on it and press the switch inside to unlock a hidden passage. Inside are some enemies, and a chest with a Waddle Dee.

Lantern #2: On your left after entering the first door of the level.

Lantern #3: Shortly after, next to a golden gate. It’s behind a construction fence near the edge.

Capsule: Climb the small stairs next to the golden gate to find a blue switch on top. Press it to unlock the gate and collect the capsule behind it.

Lantern #4: Shortly before the next door in the level you’ll find the 4th lantern with Gordos circling around it. Light it up and follow the coin trail to locate Waddle Dee #2.

Waddle Dee #3: In the next room you’ll see a long rope leading to a cannon. If you still have fire, light it and race to the cannon before the fuse does. This will take you to Waddle Dee #3.

Capsule: In the area where you can play as stairs, locate a section with a bomb block. Drop your stairs in front of it and spit them out to reach and detonate the bomb blocks. Behind it is a capsule.

Remove the wanted poster: Right after you’ll spot a poster on the wall. Put the stairs below it and attack the poster. Kirby’s a hero, not a wanted criminal.

Waddle Dee #4: Once again right after, put the stairs on the right of the rope and race to the cannon after lighting it.

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