Get a low score on golf.

After retrieving the Party Pass from Chica’s room at late 3am, make your way to the Atrium. Left from the performance stage you’ll spot a giant sign saying “Monty’s Gator Golf”, and on the right you will spot a sign saying “Fazer Blast”.

For this trophy, visit Monty’s Gator Golf and use your party pass there. Shortly after exiting the stairs, in the middle of the bottom floor you’ll spot a small arcade.

The arcade as seen from the right stairs

Activating the arcade gives you access to a little golf minigame, with 9 holes. For this trophy you need to score under the total par, which is 28. Tilt the left joystick up/down to build pressure, and press O to fire. You can hit the touch pad to view your current score.

Note: If you chose Fazer Blast during your playthrough, Freddy will give you a second Party Pass if you decide to stay after 6am. You can then use this to enter Monty’s Gator Golf.

Refer to the video below for a visual guide:

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