Maintenance log: Balloon World – Out of Order.


This is easily the most well hidden minigame in the game. In order to unlock it, you must first locate the Daycare Theatre – which is in the back of the Daycare (from entering). Inside the theatre, go up the stairs on the right side and you’ll find a suspicious looking poster for a movie.

Hidden throughout the Pizzaplex are 4 cardboard cutouts from the animatronics shown in the poster. You’ll have to use your Faz Camera (obtained from Monty’s Gator Golf) to flash them, and light up their eyes.

Below are the locations for all cardboard cutouts;
・Foxy – In the basement of the Daycare Theatre, in the room left of the save station.

・Chica – In the Kid’s Cove, which is right next to Monty’s Gator Golf, Chica is sitting next to a buoy.

・Bonnie – All the way in the back of Fazcade, where you ran away from DJ Musicman.

・Freddy – In the backstage, on the left of the save station.

Once that is done, return to the Daycare Theatre and you’ll notice that the door behind the poster can now be opened. Head through and tuck around the corner to find a lone arcade.

The arcade includes a game titled “Balloon World”. It’s an endless sidescroller, similar to the NES’ Balloon Fight. Press X to keep Balloon Boy afloat. Hitting an obstacle will make you lose a balloon, and once you run out it’s game over.

For this trophy you must play up until a point where you spot a small, purple blob on one of the trees. This will occur on the 3rd day cycle. Simply fly into it for the trophy…and a surprise.

Or see the video below for a visual guide:

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